But Our Coffee is in Another Castle



Mug awesomeness core, 9 out of a potential 10.

To achieve full awesome, make a “blooh-blooh-blooh” sound while swallowing the coffee. Or use it as a planter and grow¬†some plumber-eating plants in it.

$13 on ThinkGeek.

The Ice Cube Dispenser is a Warp Tunnel to 8-4


These are Super Mario Bros. refrigerator magnets, in case the silver handle and the ha-ha to-do list (“buy more flowers” and “to buy: mushrooms” — get it?) weren’t obvious. And it’s pretty awesome, although 8-bit Luigi is really funny looking — how often do you use him? Oh, the somewhat sideways Fire Flower looks kind of like sushi. And I had totally forgotten what a 1-UP mushroom had looked like.



It Doesn’t Work in Real Life



Caution: Device does not actually provide extra lives. Handle with care. Do not attempt to use near sharp objects, open flames, or on balconies. Cannot make you fly, not that it can make Mario fly. Not edible. Will not stop poisonous mushrooms from killing you. Probably will not help you save a princess, but who knows.